Laughter Yoga and Laughter Clubs

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is based on the concept of laughing for no reason except that it is good for us!  

It is not based on jokes, but rather incorporating into gentle exercise a willingness to laugh, plus yogic breathing (Pranayama).

With a sense of playfulness, this soon leads to real laughter!

The Yoga in Laughter Yoga

The word Yoga means Union - union of mind and body through the breath - and laughing is just a form of breathing!  There are no funny poses or stretches, just playful games which encourage laughter, usually followed by a laughter meditation.  

Through these we can experience joyfulness, a relaxed body, a calm mind, and social connection: this is being in a state of Yoga.

Laughter Club

Social Laughter Clubs are set up around the world to bring people together for a chance to laugh ourselves happier, healthier and calmer and to connect together.

Come together for a chuckle and some gentle exercise. Laughing helps us rebalance ourselves by decreasing stress hormones, increasing antibodies to fight infections, lowering resting blood pressure, releasing endorphins which give us the “feel good factor”, and improving respiration and circulation.

We currently run our Laughter Club at The Monastery, Gorton, Manchester on one Sunday each month, often as part of their wellbeing day.

Become a Laughter Leader

We train people to be Laughter Yoga leaders, in Manchester and around the UK, either in groups or as a one-on-one training. Contact us for details!

Laughter Yoga Guru

Check out the Laughter Yoga International web site and read more from its founder, Dr Madan Kataria.

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