UK Voluntary Organisations

#WeStandTogether and the Challenging Hate Forum

Robin is co-chair of the steering group of #WeStandTogether and a member of the Challenging Hate Forum in Manchester.  These organisations exist to celebrate our differences, fight hatred and intolerance, and build a safer and stronger country.  

Challenging Hate, hosted by Manchester Cathedral

Early days of We Stand Together

UK Laughter Championships

Art of Living Education (UK)

Robin is a volunteer teacher of The Happiness Program, teaching yoga breathing and simple wisdom to help de-stress and relax.  All three directors practice these techniques. For us all, it is an incredibly powerful way of letting go, lowering stress, and tuning in to greater joyfulness. Robin says, "My only regret is that I did not learn this earlier in my life."

The Happiness Program teaches the Sudarshan Kriya as its centrepiece.  We can deliver this course on-line or come to your location.  It is run over several sessions.  Please contact us to discuss or book the program.  

Indian Art of Living Ashram in Bengaluru

Inspiration from 1998 for our Laughter Activities

Rotary Club of Manchester

Through the Rotary Club of Manchester and The Rotary Foundation, we have received matched funding for our water project in Ghana.  We have also been involved with Rotary in Manchester in schools and community groups in the UK.

Manchester Day Parade, with Rotary Club of Manchester, Manchester Communication Academy, and friends.

Other activities

We have been involved with One Million Mentors, The Fig Tree, community radio and other community groups in the UK.  Overseas, we have been supporting the World Laughter Master and Ethiopia National Laughter Day.

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