Communities & Education

The focus of our work is mostly communities and education

Laughter Toolkit for Communities: one of our resources availabe by contacting us

Laughter Toolkit for Care Homes - another of our resources available to you.

Self Sabotage for Beginners

We have created a new workshop with the guidance of David Somerville, a psychologist and formerly of Chester University. We call it Self Sabotage for Beginners! In an upbeat way, we look at characteristics and patters which we use which may sabotage our efforts to achieve what we think we want to achieve. The session needs at least two hours, and ideally three or four hours to give us enough time to review and explore.

Mental Health

75% of illness is stress related. When we feel stressed or under pressure, laughter often goes out of our life. Laughter is a great stress buster. The stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, are reduced following laughter. At the same time, the happy hormones (endorphins, serotonin and dopamine) are released, relaxing the body and mind, creating a natural high.

Men's Health

For some years Feelgood Communities have been working with Rev. David Gray of Creoginity, using laughter to increase well-being, reduce stress and build confidence for people in a wide range of settings.

Community Groups

Laughter is a social glue and perfect for many community groups and organisations, with all sorts of laughter activities. Laughter Yoga and therapeutic laughter!

Laughter for Schools, Teachers, Students and Young People

We are working with Year 6 pupils to teach them laughter games to share with other pupils. This is set up as a Year 6 research project, and helps with confidence, communicating, and understanding science.

Older People

Laughter helps us physically and emotionally and socially to be healthier and happier throughout our entire lives. It is such a special and important physiological response

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