Laughter Training

Laughter Yoga School Manchester and Central UK

We set up our Laughter Yoga School to lead training and workshops based on therapeutic laughter, play, joyful workplaces, gibberish and Laughter Yoga. It is based at The Monastery, Gorton

We can also travel around the UK and deliver training online.

We will create what it is you need, and deliver it where you are!

Laughter and joyfulness at The Monastery, Gorton

Laughter Yoga Leader Training

This is a two day certified course. Run for groups and is also as a one on one training.

It can be run anywhere and at any time, including on-line.

Laughter Yoga Leader Training specifically teaches the Laughter Yoga ideas of Dr Kataria and the exercises which are used in Laughter Clubs. It is often recommended as the first step on your ‘laughter journey’ because it provides a format and script for how you can run your laughter session.

A certificate from Laughter Yoga International is awarded on successful completion of the course which enables you to obtain appropriate insurance.

Laughter Yoga and Dr Kataria

Exploring and Understanding Laughter

Advanced Laughter - a journey embracing our spirituality and who we are.

This is a one or two day training immersing ourselves in laughter. It runs at any time and anywhere!

This is our chance to explore and understand Laughter training - investigating the meaning, feeling and use of laughter.  It's self development and awareness where we answer our own questions on the meanings, use and implications of laughter. It helps put laughter and our facilitation of it into perspective and context

Laughter Facilitation Training

This course is for participants who want to develop ideas for facilitating laughter.

The Laughter Facilitation Skills is an excellent way to learn about facilitating laughter with groups. It takes a broader look at laughter facilitation, and draws on creative ideas, movement and body awareness, and other ways for facilitating laughter. You will have an opportunity to try out your own ideas; in this way, participants also learn from each other.  

Laughter Facilitation Skills

Playing with Gibberish

Come on our Playing With Nonsense and Gibberish Improvisation for one day or two.

We will explore gibberish, experience how liberating it is to let go of structures and rigidity, and create a short performance piece!

Robin is a certified Gibberish Professor, trained by Alex Sternick.

Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Certified Laughter Yoga leader training

Exploring and Understanding Laughter, and Laughter Facilitation Training

Immerse yourself in laughter and discover through experience what laughter means and does for us. And learn more ways of incorporating it into laughter based activities and sessions!

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