Workplace & Organisations

Activities are based on games and discussions which encourage laughing and self awareness.

Activities are chosen from a kit bag of options to construct the right balance for any event.

Our facilitation style is to encourage and invite people to join in. People are made to feel part of the group. We never laugh at each other, just with each other.

This joyful laughter creates a sense of wellbeing and relaxation, is gentle exercise, and a shared experience that leaves a good memory.

Away days, team building, and coping strategies

If we understand what our laughter means, and if we understand what other people’s laughter means, we can start to use this knowledge to make a difference in every business.

Health Professionals and Laughter on Prescription

Laughter benefits people in health professions. Laughter On Prescription can be a programme for clients. These incorporate therapeutic laughter and Laughter Yoga and self awareness.

Online Laughter and Wellbeing Sessions for Workplaces

Online zoom laughter sessions in workplaces and for groups working at home. Inspiring, uplifting, insightful. Laughter yoga and therapeutic laughter!

Supportive evidence

Laughter Yoga research shows the benefits to organisations.

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