Improving health through laughter and creativity

We offer dedicated programmes, courses, workshops activities for businesses and professionals, schools, health professionals and communities, with Laughter, Laughter Yoga and Creativity.

Leading laughter-based activities in Manchester, the UK and internationally since 1999.

Our Impact

Expressions of joy.

Laughter. Laughter Yoga. Creativity. Crochet for Wellbeing. Awareness. Healing Breath. Supporting Wellness. Supporting people. Projects in communities. Projects in Africa.

Laughter is a universal language. It brings communities and individuals together. World Laughter Master Belachew Girma calls it a ‘diplomacy pass key’.  Simply because our physiology changes when we laugh, it improves our health and happiness and lowers our stress levels.

Would you like more laughter in your life?

Our impact so far.

We offer dedicated programmes, courses, workshops and activities for businesses and professionals, schools and education, health professionals, communities and older people.

Typical increased feeling of well-being after attending a laughter session.
People engaged with in 2023
Group sessions run in 2023

Client testimonials

Hear what our clients are saying about us.

"I don’t think that I have ever spoken, over the phone, to a more enthusiastic person, who is absolutely passionate about the subject of laughter and the great benefits it holds for humanity..."

Donal O'Neill


"Robin understands our movement and what we aim to do in empowering working people to improve their own lives..."

Matt Pointon

Union learn

"You are FANTASTIC."

Dr Madan Kataria

Position, Company name

I don’t think that I have ever spoken, over the phone, to a more enthusiastic person, who is absolutely passionate about the subject of laughter and the great benefits it holds for humanity.
Donal O'Neil
From a TUC perspective, I have no hesitation in recommending him to you, be you a trade union, a third sector organisation or any other organisation wishing to hire an excellent and innovative facilitiator.
Matt Pointon
Unionlearn, TUC
Dr Madan Kataria
Founder, Laughter Yoga International

Our Services

Providing community development and well-being opportunities to improve health and happiness through laughter and creativity

Our team

Feelgood Communities CIC was set up to spread wellbeing and laughter within the wider community. Our experience including corporate and community work, creative writing and performance, and complementary therapies. Robin has been leading laughter activities since 1999. Claire leads laughter and crochet.

We set up and ran The Olaughics, the world's first one week festival dedicated to laughter for no reason; and established the Laughter Yoga School Manchester and Central UK.

Robin Graham

Robin, director, Feelgood Communities CIC, Laughter Yoga Ambassador, bringing over 20 years of Laughter experience and community knowledge.

Sarah Kleppsattel

Sarah, director of Feelgood Communities CIC, bringing expertise in community and care.

Claire Scott

Claire is a passionate advocate for holistic well-being and natural healing. Claire has dedicated her life to promoting health and happiness.

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