Speakers, Icebreakers, Conferences

Laughter Icebreakers for Conferences and Events

Meet some of our team! Vanessa, Theo, Claire, Robin

We lead participatory laughter based activities to introduce and connect people to one another, relax people, and raise the energy!

Our icebreakers can be delivered by one or more of us.  They usually last from 3 minutes to 30 minutes.

We can create a powerpoint for you, run the laughter exercises, and include our song!

Speaking Events and Presentations on Laughter

We've over 20 years of experience leading laughter activities and presented on a wide range of topics to all sorts of audiences. Presentations have been given to the Royal College of GPs annual conference, British Pain Society annual scientific meeting, Samaritans national conference, and business meetings:

  • Laughter for Leaders
  • Laughter for Health Professionals
  • Laughter for Carers
  • Laughter for Mental Health
  • Laughter for Communities
  • Laughter and Pain Management
  • Laughter for Health and Happiness
  • Laughter for School Children

Feedback from our workshops.               
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