Creative Writing

Create for spoken word

Being creative with words can be a lot of fun, a good way to explore our thoughts and feelings, and a release. And creating something from nowhere gives a lovely sense of achievement.  

Our workshops focus on spoken word.  We may create short scripts, prose or poetry to share; and short video clips on our mobile phones.  

We look at structuring a story, creating characters, dialogue, editing and sharing.  Methodology is through creative games and activities.  Suitable for beginners, we sometimes work in teams with the creative activities.  Everyone is involved.

Our experience

Robin has been a community playwright and poet over many years, and brings his experience with a sense of playfulness.

Poetry and Community

Stories in Poems suitable for children:

The Crikey Mikey series are about a good boy that everyone thinks is naught when he is just using his initiative and understanding of the world.  This World of ours is full of wonder and things to be explored.  It is full of magic!

  • Crikey Mikey's Summer Holiday
  • Crikey Mikey's Volta Venture
  • Crikey Mikey and the Cocoa Monster

Crikey Mikey's Summer Holiday Story in poems

Poetry readings:

We've some happy poems, some which are sad, some with props and some where the audience joins in!  Poetry readings are up to 45 minutes.  Suitable for adults.  Some of Robin's poems are:

I have hair (despite what you see in the photo)!

Circle Dance - an award winning poem about Auschwitz Birkenau

The irritating train conductor on the 11.30 to Euston

Oh chocolate bar!



Fruit - A political perspective


Robin's passion is creating for performance. Some of his work includes the following; scripts are available for reading (please contact us):

A Mother's Perspective: a monologue telling the story of a grandma living with HIV, toured around Greater Manchester.

A Better Place: a monologue about a man seeking asylum in the UK, toured around the UK.

Dreams of an African Child: exploring child trafficking in Ghana, and how it changes aspirations and hopes, toured Northern England and North Wales, and also performed in Accra, Ghana.

Club Nemesis: exploring fear, performed in Manchester.

Book of Transations: a play about Borderline Personality Disorder, winner of a NW Lancashire writing competition at Thornton Little Theatre.

Children of Abraham: looking at Jews and Moslems of North Manchester in the 1990s.

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