Laughter is shown to reduce stress, promote positive psychology and manage anger. It also helps our health and happiness.

Furthermore, when we laugh with people then we become closer to them, so teaching can be enhanced and bullying reduced.

Benefits of Laughter

  • Because laughter boosts the immune system, it helps reduce sickness.
  • Because it reduces ‘bad’ stress hormones, it helps the us focus, behave and learn more effectively.
  • Because it releases endorphins and natural antidepressants, it helps us feel happier.
  • Because it clears out the lungs and gives us more oxygen, it increases our energy and our creativity.
  • Because it is a social tool, it helps build confidence and combats bullying.

Primary Schools Project

We are working with Year 6 pupils to teach them laughter games to share with other pupils.  This is set up as a Year 6 research project, and helps with confidence, communicating, and understanding science.

The project has been funded by a Healthy Schools Community Partnership Challenge 2019-20 grant from @SalfordCVS. #SalfordStories.  The following three booklets have been produced.  There are also short laughter videos (2 minutes) and a set of 5 lessons (each 12 minutes) to take pupils through the research project.  Contact us for more information.

Laughter Assembly and year group sessions

Activities can be run for schools, including a Laughter Assembly, sessions for year groups, and activities which bring about laughter and lead to discussion about how laughter can help us in our lives.

Run your own Laughter Clubs

As well as running sessions, Feelgood Communities helps schools and colleges to set up their own laughter clubs.

In particular, pupils, parents and volunteers can run these together within the schools. A Laughter Club can be anything from 10-30 minutes long.

We can have a schools laughathon, with as many schools as possible laughing together at the same time wherever they are.

Contact us for a schools pack or information!