Laughter in Salford Primary Schools

This includes the creation of a toolkit for Primary School laughter-based activities. This will enable primary schools to run their own projects to engage in laughter activities to support wellbeing, learning, resilience and happiness.

Laughter in Care Homes and for Older People  

We have created a toolkit on laughter and playfulness in care homes for management, staff, residents and visitors, to support health and happiness for everyone involved.

Laughter Championships and Community Cohesion 

We are on the steering group of We Stand Together, and together we hosted our 9th UK Laughter Championships at The Comedy Store, Manchester. 

Water and Community activities in Fievie Dugame, Ghana

With the Rotary Club of Manchester we have connected the community of Fievie Dugame to the mains water supply.  The community said that before we came along, this was a headache that could never be solved and that there was no way they could have clean drinking water.