Work with us to create a new toolkit for laughter with your specific community

We are currently working on a toolkit for primary schools.  We have a toolkit for care homes and older people. And each year we wish to work with an organisation to create a new toolkit for a specific area. Please contact us to discuss ideas.

Set up a laughter championships heat for your group and bring people to the championships

Each year we have been running our UK Laughter Championships.  We invite organisations to have a heat and send their champions to the main event.  Our aim is to bring people together and communicate through joyful laughter as the main language.

Championships are not serious competitions.  Laughers laugh together in pairs.  The audience selects the winners!  

Would you like to host a championships? Contact us!

Support our project in Fievie Dugame, Ghana

Our aim is to continue to work alongside the community leaders of Fievie Dugame to help them generate their own funds for supporting their community.  Fievie Dugame is the capital of Fievie State, and ideas developed with the community can help it be a role model in surrounding communities in South Tongu.

Partner with us!