For some years Feelgood Communities have been working with Rev. David Gray of Creoginity, using laughter to increase well-being, reduce stress and build confidence for people in a wide range of settings.

David has famously demonstrated the benefits of laughter as part of funeral services to ventilate the emotional cocktails that arise when people grieve. He has also used laughter as a way to stimulate memory in older people and in prisons, hospices and even siege situations to help bring about harmony and wholeness.

"Between us", David says, "Robin and I have experiences and skills that compliment each other incredibly. We are both totally committed to sharing what we have learned over many years of practice to enable others to realise the benefits of laughter in the workplace as well as in healing and in empowering the angry to discover calmer ways of responding to life's frustrations".

Activities for men's health

We have created a workshop and seminar which look in particular at laughter for men.

Laughter is a release of emotion, and men are not always comfortable in showing their emotions. So allowing ourselves to laugh and reveal our emotions may sometime leave us feeling vulnerable, and so we may inhibit our own laughter and miss out on the physiological benefits which laughter brings. This seems particularly true for men and also teenagers.

We can explore the benefits of laughter, look at our relationship with laughter, and see how we can develop that relationship. 

Our activities also include creative writing to let us express our emotions and subconscious creativity.

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