Dorothy, one of our volunteers, trained as a Laughter Yoga leader in her 70s. She said this about the laughter activities:

"It turned my life right around. It came to me at a time when I had lost 2 family members. I found it has helped me with pain relief from arthritis and it stopped me dropping into depression which I could easily have done. I still have osteoarthritis. But now I don’t suffer from it. I don’t take any painkillers. I don’t need to. I used to have lots of back pain, a lot of joint pain, and the laughter really has helped relieved that. It also does help with depression. I lost my husband and my daughter. The laughter is uplifting, joyful, childlike. It doesn’t put any pressure on anyone to do things they don’t want to do. You just sit back and watch others and join in if you feel like it or not it you don't. It is a bonding. It is social glue. It brings together people who wouldn’t otherwise meet each other."

Dorothy remains a very good friend and fellow laugher!