Explore the meaning of laughter, it’s importance for good health, and new ways to manage stress.

Laughter activities cultivate a sense of playfulness and fun, and can be directed towards team building, confidence building, communication and problem solving, making choices, managing change, and finding new ways to interact with laughter.

We lead seminars, ice breakers, talks and workshops for groups of all sizes, individually designed, and lasting from less than an hour to up to a day.

Laughter is excellent for team building, confidence building, communications and problem solving, making choices, managing change, and finding new ways to deal with different situations!

"Supportive humour and laughter can be part of the culture in every office and business in the country, helping to reduce stress, get rid of fear, increase performance, and bring a greater sense of happiness and well-being."

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Laughter For Leaders

We run the Laughter For Leaders programme. This is a half day seminar.  If we understand what our laughter means, and if we understand what other people’s laughter means, we can start to use this knowledge to make a difference

Supportive evidence

The picture  shows results from a study in 2006, commissioned by Laughter Yoga International, with 200 IT professionals in Bangalore, India. Half of the group had 7 Laughter Yoga sessions over an 18 day period.

In the Laughter Yoga group there was a significant drop in blood pressure, the levels of the stress hormone cortisol were significantly reduced, there was an increase in positive emotions and decrease in negative emotions. The participants also indicated a reduction in perceived stress even though their work had not changed.

Research into physiological and emotional and social benefits of laughter has been carried out for more than 40 years.