Laughter is a powerful tool which can help us deal with difficult situations and stresses. By understanding different types of laughter we can respond more appropriately to our clients and patients and may see additional warning signals.

Also, by having a little more laughter in our lives, we will find that we relax more, communicate better, and our people around us will notice this. Humour is well known as a coping mechanism, yet jokes are not universal; however, laughter is truly an international language.

We run workshops and seminars, including for health professionals and for volunteer carers.

Laughter on Prescription

A series of laughter sessions reinforce the benefits and knowledge. Feelgood Communities run sets of 6-8 sessions run with the same people can help build small social groups who have shared the experience, and who can continue to support each other after the program finishes.

  • During one program at a SureStart with ten women with medium depression, after two sessions some were noting that their first response was no longer to shout at their children.
  • At the end of the program, one woman said: "I have not cried for 2 weeks. I feel happier in myself. I look at things differently, so they don’t become a big problem straight away. I think differently, this calms me down. I have a more positive outlook. Feel more confident."
  • Another said, "I do laughing exercises with my children and it controls my anger. My older child has said that I now don’t shout, swear and smack them as much. I feel more in control."

The Exploring and Understanding Laughter training, and learning how to run your own laughter activities

Feelgood Communities runs the Exploring and Understanding Laughter course. This is a 1 or 2 day training in which we set our own questions about laughter, and then answer them by undertaking a series of practical exercises. It can be part of CPD or as a tool to use in practice, and can help deal with difficult situations and stresses and help us to understand our clients.

We also run the Laughter Yoga Leader Training, and the Laughter Facilitation Skills course where we develop ideas for facilitating laughter in our work. And we give presentations and lead ice-breakers and workshops

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