Dr Philip Dawson attended our session at the Royal College of GPs annual conference.  He then ran his own session!  Here is his feedback.

"I just wanted to email you to say that I have run my first Laughter therapy session today as a result of your session for the RCGP in October last year. I enjoyed your session and copied it for the old ladies in the church. It was the first time I have heard 20 x 80year old ladies give a primeval scream! En masse with hearing aids disconnected it was a truly frightening sound! Thank you for inspiring me to run a session. I had never heard of Laughter therapy till last year. All the elderly ladies left with a smile or a laugh in their faces. I was surprised at what a physical work out it was! All the ladies got the idea of what was going on from scratch and wanted to try it again. They have all been practising in the mirror. And found it an incredible stress buster and pain reliever. They will find it much easier to fold into another session! Thank you for opening my eyes after 30 years in general practice."