The World Laughter Master

The World Laughter Master, Belachew Girma, is an inspirational Ethiopian laughter therapist.  He set up the world's first government backed National Laughter Day, and Africa's first school of indigenous laughter.   He holds the world record for continuous laughter at 3 hours and 35 minutes. Robin is the first International Ambassador for Laughter For All Ethiopia.

From 2008 until 2015 we have been supporting the annual Ethiopia National Laughter Day, laughing at events with The World Laughter Master, and spreading awareness of the work being done with laughter in Ethiopia to help tackle depression and health issues.

Support for a street boy

In 2009, Ethiopia National Laughter Day was held in Awassa, some hours drive south from Addis Ababa.  One hundred Addis Ababa school children and people representing different parts of Ethiopian communities were also present as we marched through the streets of Awassa with laughter.

On the march we met a street boy who enjoyed the parade with us.  When it was over, we wanted to give him a gift, and asked through an interpreter what he would like.  He said, 'An education'.  Ever since, we have sent money to support him through education.   

His mother returned after a couple of years, and tried taking him out of school to go begging for her.  Instead, we provided money for a room for her and her son, and basic food.  

Our contact in Awassa is Fekerte Atemew; she is a trusted friend of the World Laughter Master, and she hosted us when we went on that first event in Awassa back in 2009. 

If you would like to support him, please donate here.

Supporting university students

Through our visits, we have met with and helped three university students with fees and laptops.