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"Thank you for a wonderful session. I ended up laughing in my sleep that night."  Amina Waldron (Youth Elements)

"The presenter of the laughter session was inspiring!"  Alison (Manchester Metropolitan University)

"Thanks for yesterday. The young people really enjoyed it. So did the leaders!"  Bob Day (Roby United Reform Church)"

"A very quiet shy member of the group you worked with just before christmas was talking about the study release course with me today.... he really appreciated the stress relieving session in itself... then he failed a crucial exam and was called up to see a panel of senior docs to decide what would happen next.. a nerve wracking experience for anyone.. while waiting he suddenly remembered your session and said 'ha bloody ha' to himself.  He said, "I immediately relaxed and felt calmer and was able to face the panel in a better frame of mind". He was not someone I would have imagined taking it all on board so easily and it really worked for him... so thanks and well done.... he appreciated it."  Medical school about a trainee doctor.