Current campaign:

Laughter and Playfulness in Care Homes (2020)

In 2019, we created a toolkit for laughter in care homes.  In 2020 we are starting a campaign to raise awareness and spread the joy.

Future plans:

Laughter for All (ongoing)

Laughter in Primary Schools (2020-21)

Laughter in Pain Management (2021-22)

Previous Campaigns

World Laughter Pledge (2008)

Encouraging people to start each day with a laugh, thereby sending a wave of laughter continuously around the world.  People in different countries took part.  The campaign re-starts from time to time.  

HAHAs (2011-12)

Health Education and Humour for Seniors in Europe: we were the project laughter consultant in Frankfurt, Paris and Manchester.

WAWAD (2017-18)

Raising awareness about Diabetes for people from the West African Diaspora and their friends.