Public Services: Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue, West Yorkshire Police, North West Air Ambulance.

National and Local Government: Central Office of Information, Care Quality Commission, CSCI, Department of Health, Wigan MBC, Rochdale MBC, Walsall MBC, Blackburn Mayoral Ball, and libraries, councils and culture departments across the UK;

Business sector: The Co-op. HBOS, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Fun At Work Company, Midlands Workplace Wellbeing, CIPD, HSBC, Renault UK, Aquasource (Bulgaria), Unilever, EDF, Royal Mail, Women Mean Business and other businesses.


"Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop yesterday here at COI - I am being showered with thanks and am basking in the reflected glory of your ability. I have been asked by one and all to pass on their sincere thanks for an interesting, informative, educative and truly stimulating session. Not sure though if those who did not attend quite understand why those that did keep shouting out "Shut Up!" at each other as a form of greeting and then bursting into laughter.  Robin, you obviously have dedicated a good part of your life to making the world a happier place. While Lambeth North is not quite the World - or its centre, you certainly have made it a better place for us."  Kevin Traverse-Healy (Central Office of Information)

"I expected fun, and stress relief. I had both."  Pete Coleman (HBOS)